Thursday 23 May 2019

Such a Badass

Since it wasn't Cisco's birthday on Tuesday, he got tacked up for a ride

When I had arrived at the barn in the evening, it looked like a 3-ring circus had arrived. I think that the local Pony Club had moved in, so there 15-20 trailers, with a dressage lesson going on in the outdoor dressage ring, and two separate jump lessons were sharing the indoor arena. By the time the ponies had finished their treats and I was ready to ride the majority of the trailers had left but there was still a jump lesson going on inside, so I decided to ride Cisco in the field outside.

The field is where the horse trailers were parked. I've ridden him out there before when there were visiting horses, and he's pretty good about it. Distracted, because there might be a new best friend that he hasn't met yet tied to a trailer, but he's not overly silly and it generally doesn't take him too long to settle.

It took him a little longer to settle this night when riding next to the remaining trailers. The jump lesson ended just after I got on, and horses were being untacked and happily led into the horse murder boxes. Cisco was concerned.

So he went kinda nuts.

What Cisco thought he was doing. (Listen with the sound up)

He kept breaking from a fast trot into a slow canter. Whoa there, Cisco. Get a hold of yourself.

How can I be expected to ride such a crazy horse? He trotted fast, mostly steered, broke to the slowest canter we've had yet, and didn't flip his head all around. Oh no, what will I do with him?

I'm pretty sure he thinks he's being badass. He so is not. I'm sure the day will come when he does figure it out, but he hasn't yet.

I knew he started to settle when he finally noticed the flappy tarp. I was waiting for it. One of those tarp covered metal frame car port things recently popped up by where the boarders park our trailers, which is on one side of the field I was riding in. There was a slight breeze so the end piece was gently flapping. For the first 25 minutes or so he was so distracted by the horses at the trailers that he didn't notice it. He finally did, and scooted and spun away from it. I turned him back, he gave it the evil eye, and that was about the end of it.

He also kept calling to the horses, probably warning them not to go in the murder boxes. It was the most ridiculous, adorable little whinnies - a quiet "eeeeeeeeeeeee" squeal that just made me burst out laughing. One day I have to get a recording of it. Again, I'm pretty sure he thinks it super badass, but it's just so damn cute.
Such a cute slightly floppy lip!
He didn't relax as much as I was hoping when all the trailers drove away, but he was listening to my slowing half-halts off my seat, so I decided to call that a win and ended my ride. It was getting late, and the mosquitos are out with a vengeance.

Oh - and a week into the smegma transplant, we still have no tail rubbing!


  1. oh man that sounds like a lot of distractions haha! tho it's always nice when the horse's version of being "up" and badass is actually pretty manageable lol

    1. Yep! I'm sure one day he'll figure out that he has other options, but for now I'll take the slow canter!