Tuesday 4 April 2017

New Horse. Gray #2

I recently made a big and scary decision to become a 2 horse owner. Which is exciting and slightly terrifying. My bank account that I put my extra horse money in is nicknamed "What was I thinking". Not that there is extra horse money.

The cast of characters:
Horse #1 - Phantom. Gray APHA mare, born 2003. Opinionated, sensitive, total princess. I have been riding her for about 7 years and owned her for 4. Not an easy ride.

Horse #2 - Cisco. Grey 1/2 Andalusian, 1/2 Paint gelding, born 2011. I have known him since birth. Not broke to ride yet, but I had done a bunch of ground work with him a couple of summers ago. Seems to be very level-headed, and trainable. Up until this past week, lived on the same acreage his whole life, so has not been exposed to many aspects of what I would consider everyday life at a boarding barn.

Me - 40-something woman who has been riding for close to 30 years. Not as brave, not as skinny, not as flexible as I used to be.

My intent in attempting to keep a blog is to keep a training journal to document my journey training my new horse, Cisco. He will be the first horse I start from the beginning, which is something that I will be able to cross off my horse bucket list. As I stated earlier, he seems to be very trainable, which is something that I covet after working with my princess mare. He is a little bit different than most other horses I have worked with, as there are many things he has never seen before, so life is a bit more interesting! So we will see how this goes!