Monday, 6 May 2019

App Review - The Equestrian

I recently came across an ad somewhere online for a new tracking app that I hadn't heard of yet. I've tried a bunch of them, but they all have something that I don't like about them. This new one, called The Equestrian, so far is my favourite.

It's set up so that it can be used by a barn so that multiple people can see or add information about the horses. If you are an individual, it has many features that are easy to use and has a familiar layout. It is web-based so you can view it on a mobile device or on a computer and it syncs.

Once you set up your horse, which includes what they get for feed, their pedigree, and special notes, you can start to add to your journal.

Your journal can include expenses (which can be added to a specific horse or can be non-specific), veterinary information, farrier, training, photos, grooming, and many others.

It appears that every activity has the option to have a cost associated with it. The default for adding in a cost is an expense, which types up in red. You can easily change it to income, which will show up green. You can also make any entry public to be shared with your connections, or leave it as private.

You can add a word in the search bar to find specific entries, but you have to search within a specific horse's information. It would be nice to be able to search all horses at the same time.

A great aspect of The Equestrian app is that you can add a picture to every entry. You can even add pictures to your journal that don't have a specific category. The pictures have to be cropped square, like Instagram, and you can only add one picture per entry, but you can keep adding new journal entries to add more pictures.

Your journal entries will then show up as a Newsfeed, which looks similar to Facebook. If you have friends linked, you will be able to see each other's public journal entries here.

It has business applications with mini-apps for farriers and stable owners. There are other business icons like instruction, grooming and training, but these are not set up to be able to add information yet.

The Equestrian is not perfect. But none of the apps that I've tried so far are. I would like the option to be able to view expense reports as a spreadsheet. I'm still figuring out the calendar, but in reality, I'll continue to use my Google calendar that I add my life to.

The newsfeed seems to sort by the most recent entry and not by date, and there is no option to change that. It probably won't be much of an issue once everything is set up and the information from earlier in the year has been entered and I'm only adding current information, but at this point, it's kind of annoying.

Another annoying thing is that when I set the picture for the horse's profile, it crops the photo square, yet on the mobile version the picture ends up flatter and stretched, so the horse ends up looking a little wonky. It doesn't seem to be as much a problem on the desktop version.

It would also be nice to be able to change the category or horse as I am entering information, or even apply a journal entry to multiple horses at the same time. This doesn't appear to be an option at the moment.

The absolute best thing about the app? It's completely free. Even the business parts of it. And no ads!

I think this is the app that I'll be using to keep track of everything. I don't usually do much journalling of daily training (I'll keep that to the Equisense app), but I like to be able to keep track of the vet stuff and my expenses. Being able to add pictures to everything is what appeals to me most about this app versus many of the others I've tried.

It's available for Android, ios, or on the web. Give it a try!

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