Friday, 24 May 2019

Quick Rides

I usually have Wednesday's off so I try toget both horses ridden. This week, I had to go to work for a couple of hours for a meeting in the morning, then had a family commitment in the evening. So I did yard work instead of horses. I got to go in late on Thursday (my evening shift) to compensate for the hours the day before, so I had time to get both horses ridden in the morning.

If I rushed.

The arena was being watered when I took Cisco in. That didn't really bother him at all, and he walked around nicely on a longish rein. Unfortunately, when we picked up a trot we started like we did on our previous ride - trotting really fast and wanting to break to the canter.
The barn kittens got their permanent birth control last week. So they've been lying around and extra adorable this week. 
This time I let him. Well, not break to the canter - he didn't get to decide when. We just didn't do much trot before I asked him to canter.

Being made to canter isn't as fun as deciding to canter on your own. It still took him a bit to settle at the trot, but he wasn't as anxious to pick up the canter after we got one out of the way.

It was another day of distractions - a horse came into the arena who is being tack walked and tends to have random explosive moments, and there was a loose horse running around outside that Cisco scooted away from when it ran past the open door. Not to mention the giant snake hose that was stretched down the arena for the person watering.
Green-noser. (I forgot which horse I was feeding and added Phantom's spirulina to Cisco's dish)

It took most of my 40 minute ride but he started to give me some attempts at dropping his head. Hard to do when you are being a badass trying to break to canter.

I rushed after the ride to swap him out for Phantom. I only had about 25 minutes of ride time for her, so it was a quick trot and canter and a bit of a walk in the yard to end. She felt better than she did my last ride - last time she warmed up a bit uneven, but I didn't feel it this time.

I wasn't sure if I would have a relaxed ride on her either. Phantom, who is generally not at all spooky, spotted something in a corner of the arena that made her grow an extra hand high as we approached. I had no idea what it was, and we worked our way around that end of the arena, gradually getting closer to the scary corner. Finally, I figured out that it was an urn of fake flowers that was always there - but they had been washed off by the person watering the arena. Apparently, since they were clean and bright they were worrisome.

Again, I had to rush her outside and get stuff cleaned up and put away. I'm not very good with that - I like to take my time before and after my ride getting my horse ready. But, I got the rides in, and as long as I give out a few cookies, I'm pretty sure that they are happy to be back outside with their buddies. As much as I like to think they like to spend time with me, I'd imagine that the other horses are better to hang with.

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