Wednesday 14 September 2022

Wordless Wednesday - New (Bad) Habits


Cisco's newest thing that he's been doing for the last couple of weeks whenever I tie him up.

Monday 5 September 2022

The Waning Days of Summer

As promised, there wasn't much happening on the horse front last week. It was just too hot to do much that involved movement.

Cisco got started on his nebulised Dex to help get rid of the mucous in his lungs from his earlier asthma episode. He's only had two treatments so far, so no clue as to if it is working yet. C-dog is feeling good though! I popped him on the lunge to see how he looked on Friday. It's kind of hard to tell how sound your horse is when all they're doing is bucking and leaping on the end of the line. I took that as a good sign since when I had last lunged him he looked pretty sorry for himself.

I hopped on him on Sunday for a very quick ride. The plan was to mostly walk with a short trot to evaluate now he felt. I want to give the Dex a few more days to clean up his lungs before doing much with him. Also, because we can't seem to get through a summer with clean air, the air quality was getting up to concerning levels due to some forest fire smoke that had blown in over the weekend.

He felt pretty even at the trot, and was far less sarcastic about his pace than I expected. He was, of course,  waiting for his moment to try to unseat me, which came as a horse that was being lunged picked up a canter as we were trotting towards it. I was ready for the spin and mostly stayed with him.

Thursday had been a bit cooler and was my day off, so I hoped to hop on Phantom. As I groomed her in the barn and watched the wind send clouds of sand across the driveway, I changed my mind.

She got to go for a play in the outdoor arena though, and she totally took full advantage of it. I don't know if I've ever seen her gallop so fast! She paid for that by not being able to turn very well when she hit the end of the ring - fast with steering has always been her weakness.

Phantom has been getting nebulized with saline, and I'm cautiously optimistic that it made a difference. She recovered very quickly from her zoomies, usually it takes her longer.

The air quality seems to have significantly improved overnight, and the stupid-hot weather looks like it has changed to typical fall weather so hopefully this week I'll get some more riding in. It will be slow riding but that's still better than no riding!