Friday, 17 November 2017

Fantasy Christmas List

Christmas is coming. And I don't need anything for the ponies. But there's always something that I want. And these things usually cost many $$$. So I'd never expect anyone to buy them for me. Including Santa.

But if Santa had unlimited funds? This is what would be on my list.

At the top of the list would be the Pixio Robot Cameraman.
About $1000 CDN
I love to have my rides videoed. But there isn't always someone to do it for me. This would solve the problem! I might need a new video camera to go with it, and probably a bigger hard drive for my computer, so it would probably end up costing more than just the price of the Pixio unit.

Next on the list - the Equisense.
This would cost Santa about $600 CDN.

For those not in the know, the Equisense is a sensor that attaches to your horse's girth and records a bunch of information during your ride, which is then tracked on an app. It tracks things like gait symmetry, cadence, the number of transitions, amount of time spent going each direction, and the number of jumps. I'm a geek who loves this kind of information, so this would be totally appreciated should Santa pop it in my stocking.

What else?
I would take some new half chaps and paddock boots. Probably in navy. Cavallo does make a set, but my short, wide legs probably wouldn't fit in them. Which would mean custom. For the set, I would imagine easily $800, and likely more.

Both of the kids could use new Rambo Duo blankets. About $1100.

And lastly, Santa could just leave me a cheque for about $12 000. That should cover a new saddle for each pony. I need custom flaps (super short legs), Cisco will probably need custom to fit his shoulders, and if Phantom hears that Cisco is getting custom you can bet that she's going to insist on custom for herself. The Princess must have the best! (No idea what saddle I would buy, but I figure $6000 should get me something decent.)

Only 8 items. I don't want much. Surely Santa can bring me 8 items, right? I mean, they're only about $16,000. I'm sure if he shopped on Black Friday he could knock it down to, like, $15,400. Totally doable from the fat man!


  1. I love this! I'm posting my holiday wish list on Friday actually. Great minds think alike. I also would love the PIxio. I don't have mirrors in my barn and would love to see my riding, to better improve it. I probably look like a lump.

    1. Nobody buys me anything horse related - so any horsey item on my list is a fantasy item.