Thursday, 2 November 2017

Snow Suit Season

Winter has arrived.

We have snow. Like, enough to cover all the grass snow. And nighttime temperatures will be in the minus double digits all week.  So winter is here, possibly to stay.

I was planning to ride Phantom this evening after teaching a lesson. But I had been told that the roads were getting slippery, and on the way to the barn the radio said that roads were greasy and some areas in town were slow going.

The barn that I teach at is about 10 minutes from the one where my guys live. I wanted to check on their blankets, and since I had made Phantom's food, I decided that I might as well head over.

I still haven't really figured out what I want to do for blanketing Cisco. I don't want to buy him any blankets this winter until I figure out how destructive he's going to be. So far the Kensington fly sheet armor that he is wearing seems to have helped. There has been no damage to his blankets since I added that as the top layer.

I'm lacking a lightweight turnout blanket for him. I would like something with 100gm of fill, but everything I own is either mid-weight or warmer, or unlined rain sheets. I think I will try to pick up a liner type of blanket that I can use under the rain sheet for those warmer days. Cisco isn't going to be able to walk very well with all the layers he will be wearing.
Cisco will be the horse on the right.

Tonight I bundled the kids up. Cisco wore an old BMB stable blanket with his Kensington over top. I didn't grab a liner for Phantom's Rambo Duo (because I want to clean them first) so she's wearing a lightweight Bucas over the Rambo. She's the cool kid wearing all the brand names.

I didn't ride as I was worried about the drive home. Thankfully the highways were good - not slippery, just snow blowing across the road. But the roads in the city were quite slick. My ABS brakes kicked in a few times. Tomorrow morning should be a fun commute!

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