Friday, 3 November 2017

Favourite Things #5

The Rambo Duo blanket.
I bought one for Phantom 3 winters ago. I love almost everything about this blanket.
  • It doesn't twist. I've never seen it twisted on Phantom. Almost every other blanket she has worn always twists to the right.
  • I love the layering system. Easy to change a layer when the temperature changes, and the liners aren't horribly expensive.
  • Reflective stripes allow me to easily find my horse across the field in the dark with the light from my headlamp. Well, my horse and any other one that wears a Rambo.
  • No leg straps.
  • The fit is perfect for Phantom.
  • It seems to be super durable. Phantom is pretty easy on her blankets, so she maybe isn't the best tester. She put one small slice in it within two weeks of first wearing it. I patched it using the Rambo patch kit, and it's been fine ever since. Otherwise there are a few small poke holes in the outer layer, but after 3 years with 8 months of use each year, I'm not too worried about those.
  • The shell has the perfect amount of fill for the spring and early fall.
  • Because each layer isn't overly poofy, I can wash them myself at home in my washing machine, saving me money. Plus I know that it was washed correctly. (Unlike when I took some blankets to a local tack store for washing and discovered that they used fabric softener on them. Wrecked the waterproofing on my Bucas blankets. I was pissed.)
Unfortunately, it doesn't prevent a grey horse from turning brown. 

What I don't like about it? 
  • The front has the 2 different velcro connections and the double clips. Kind of annoying to have to undo 3 things every time, but a minor nuisance.
  • The tail cord - one broke last winter, so it had to be replaced. No biggie, it lasted almost 3 years. In winter it gets kind of gross as it gets covered in poo - frozen poo. But I don't have to touch it, so it doesn't bother me too much.
  • I can't decide how good the waterproofing is at this stage. I only wash the shell once a year in the spring, and use Microtek blanket wash shampoo and hang to dry. After heavy rain it seems a bit damp inside. Not soaking wet, just a bit damp. I probably just have too high of an expectation as to how dry it should remain.

But the biggest thing I don't like about it?

They're so expensive!!

I paid about $420 CDN when I bought Phantom's Duo. Now they're about $560. 

I would love to have one for Cisco, but until he learns to take care of his things, I won't spend that kind of money on a blanket for him. I keep trying to find one on sale, but no luck yet.

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