Monday, 20 November 2017

He Likes It! He Likes It!

Sunday night was my night off, so I had a bit more time to spend with the kids. Unfortunately, by the time I hauled my butt out of bed mid-afternoon it was dark and cooling off. I was hoping to take some pictures outside but no luck in the dark.

I finally had time to spend with Cisco. He's been getting ignored this week as I have just been treated Phantom's scratches and then going home for another nap. The joys of working nights!

I popped him into the arena with the hope that he would play a bit. He was much more concerned about wanting to leave - he just paced the fence line near the gate. If I stood in that corner with the lunge whip he would go out a bit larger - like a whole third of the way down the ring. Beyond that was the dark abyss where land sharks and killer kitties reside, and he was not voluntarily heading down there.

Since he wanted to only go back and forth along the fence, I decided to make it a bit more challenging for him. I set up a cavaletti for him to jump along that fence. It was the same one that I had used a couple of weeks ago when I lunged him over a small jump, so I was hoping that he would like it as much as he seemed to that night.

Sure enough - he did! He went over it pretty well every time, and got a bit more relaxed about it the last few times. Didn't overjump it quite so much.

Here is a short video clip:

Of course, there was the time he forgot to pick up his legs.
Phone in one hand + whip in the other = crappy video

Phantom came in for her leg goop application. The fatness has gone down. There are definitely some crusties on her pastern. I can't say if the goop is making it any better, but it definitely is not getting any worse. I'll give it another week or so before I determine if I need to seek professional help. She's still a cow about letting me rub the goop on it, so if I can avoid the vet I will (vet will mean sedation and possible blocking if they want to really examine it). Although, I have to figure out what to do if it isn't better by farrier day, which is in about 3 weeks. I'm thinking bandaging her leg will likely be the best option. And maybe a twitch.

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