Thursday, 23 November 2017

I'm Going To Be Bad

Because it's Black Friday tomorrow!

It's so hard to balance out the wants and needs when it comes to shopping.

Who am I kidding, horsey wants are all needs!

I am going to need about four C4 printed belts (30% off).
Space cats are a definite yes.

Cisco needs a new turnout blanket, likely from Greenhawk (40% off).

And he might also need a black bridle from Solo Equine (30% off). This is somewhat legit - I own a bunch of brown bridles, but only one black. Well, two if you count the Micklem that I can't figure out where I've put. I made Cisco a lovely new browband in black that he hasn't worn yet. And he's going to be wearing a black saddle and breastplate for a while. So he needs to match. And he looks much better in black.
This will look smashing on Cisco. Plus, it's the only one they have in cob size.

And I have to pick up a clip for Cisco's suit of armor that he broke.

Phew, a purchase to not feel guilty about.

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