Monday 14 August 2017

Time to Play with Ponies

I'm on vacation! And since I can't go to Disneyworld, the next best vacation is one where I get to spend lots of time out at the barn. A pony staycation.

My first day of vacation was too hot to do anything. i just taught a lesson in the morning and then did a couple of tasks before heading home to take a nap. I mean, I am on vacation.

So the ponies got Sunday completely off.

Here are the pony plans for my 10 days off:
- ride both of them a bunch
- maybe attempt a first canter on Cisco
- take Cisco for a little hack around the yard
- clean my tack
- have a trailering practice day
- try some of my old winter blankets on Cisco to see what fits
- head over to visit a friend and maybe take her pony for a drive
- go through Phantom's grooming kit and thin the stuff I don't use out of it
- hit up the local tack shops and only buy things on my list that I need (so hard!)
- take the good camera out and try to get some decent pictures

The weather is looking mostly co-operative (except for the big storm that hit us on Sunday night) so hopefully I can get through my list.

Of course, I really should add clean my house and do yardwork to my list. We'll see....

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