Friday 18 August 2017

Miscellaneous Pony Stuff Day

Where does time go when you are on vacation???

I rode both horses on Tuesday and Wednesday. Nothing exciting to report, kinda same ole thing for both of them.

On Thursday I did the local tack store tour with Cisco's previous owner. I have a $10 gift certificate from one store that I won on a Facebook contest over a year ago, but every time I go in there, I can't find anything I want to spend it on. Mostly because their prices are a little high, and I can probably get it elsewhere for more than $10 cheaper. There isn't really anything I need (I probably already have it, and likely more than one) and if I do want something I usually want a very specific thing.

I could have bought a bag of beet pulp from the second store, but I didn't really make space in my car/mobile tack room. So I will have to head back in a couple of weeks to pick some up.
I need to get a pic of Phantom standing alone next to her shelter... preferably with her butt to the camera....

At the third store, I took in a saddle that I want to sell and placed it on consignment. No luck selling it on Facebook so far, so I will pay the consignment fee and hope it sells from there. That store has gone to a mostly consignment format, and I seldom find anything to buy. Although I did buy a fulmer snaffle last time I was there to add to my bit bag.

The final store was the chain store that was having a storewide summer sale. I went in with a list and tried not to look at anything else. Thankfully the breeches I sort of want but really don't need were out of stock in my size. So I just picked up dewormer for now (I'm a bad mom and they are past due and rubbing their tails), dewormer for the fall after it freezes, MSM for Phantom, 3 new lead shanks to replace the 2 that were broken in the first two weeks at the new place, and a spare set of leg straps. I was hoping to pick up a winter liner for Cisco that I could layer with my existing blankets, but they didn't have my size. I could order it online, but the shipping takes up most of the savings from the sale. So I can wait until a little closer to cold weather and hope that they become available in town.

When I returned home I decided to do up a browband for Cisco. I hadn't measured to see if he needed a cob or full size, but the cob size browband that is currently on his bridle fits snugly, so I figured he would be a full. Yeah, I should have measured. It's a bit big. I'll re-do it this winter onto a cob-sized browband when we hit a cold spell and I don't want to leave the house.
It's much sparklier in person. But a manly type of sparkle.

I went out to the barn in the evening with the plan of cleaning some tack, which is something that is on my list of things to accomplish this week. I think it took me an hour and a half to clean Phantom's bridle and one saddle. The bridle was done properly - taken apart, cleaned with water, then with Leder Combi, then Lederbalsam. It looked fantastic. The saddle wasn't Lederbalsamed.

I put Cisco's new browband on Phantom's bridle since I couldn't find my black Micklem bridle at home before I went out. Then brought him in and attempted to get pictures of him wearing said bridle. Sadly, his lengthy forelock covers most of the browband. But trust me, it looks fabulous.
It's hard to take a picture while holding a horse who wants to leave. Or graze.

When I got home I discovered that the short videos of the horses walking to meet me at the gate are sideways and can't be rotated. Sad face. But here it is in case you want to see it. (I was playing music on my phone while I was cleaning tack and was singing at an inappropriate volume based on my singing ability. The joys of being alone at the barn!) Cisco always walks up to me first, then Phantom decides that she better check me out just in case she is missing something. She never walked up to me before Cisco arrived on the scene!

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