Thursday 10 August 2017

So Many Distractions!

On Wednesday Pony Grandma and I headed out to the just after lunch. And I finally hit a busy time at the barn! (By busy I mean that there were 3 teenagers out, in different stages of doing something with their horses and lamenting about their teenage angst.) So I rushed through tacking up Cisco in the hopes that I would get at least part of my time in a free arena.

I just did a bit of groundwork and then hopped on. He was again quite mouthy as we were walking, but I think it might be partly nerves as when we walked at the end of the ride he had stopped. But I don't really want to lunge him before I ride so that we have enough energy to keep going forward.  So we will have to see how this works out.

After I had been on for a few minutes the girls came over to start setting up a jump course for their lesson later that afternoon. I was worried how Cisco would deal with all the distractions.  But he was super! He stopped to look I think twice when they were dragging wing standards. But then walked on and wasn't too concerned. He was much more concerned with trying to go over and visit with them!

At a trot we were able to do some more steering and had our first attempt at a figure 8. Well, the first attempt didn't go so well - we kind of ran into the wall. But the second attempt was mostly successful! As long as you don't count accuracy.  Pony Grandma didn't even have to swish the whip once towards us as he didn't really stall out at all. And at the end I asked for a bigger trot (in the sticky spot) and he moved up really nicely. Done! Ride over!
Wait - is that an actual sweat mark?

His only bonafide spook moment came when we were walking out at the end, and one of the girls had gone into the corner behind the half wall to grab another pole. He could barely see the top of her head, so he was watching and a bit worried, and we were turned a bit away when she started sliding a pole out of the rack. He scooted at a trot maybe 3 steps then came back to walk. If that is going to be his big reaction, I will be able to deal nicely.

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