Friday 25 August 2017

New Friends

Wednesday was going to be hot. I had a lesson to teach in the morning, and then a couple more in the evening, so if I rode it was going to have to be in the afternoon when the heat was at its highest. So I already decided the day before that Wednesday would be a non-riding day for me, and give me a chance to do a couple of other things.

I decided to clean Cisco's bridle that hadn't been done for a while. And I had noticed that one of Phantom's leather halters had some icky looking crud on it, so I decided that it was finally time to break down and clean the halter. I mean, who cleans their leather halters? No one. The correct answer is no one.

Bridle and halter both got the full cleaning and conditioning treatment. The halter is black with a raised noseband and crown piece. Some of the black on the raised part is wearing away and it's now brown. I really dislike the two-tone look so I will have to investigate options on dying it. I know it's not as easy as one would think.

I was asked if I would be okay moving Cisco and Phantom with another horse into a smaller paddock that needed the grass to be eaten/trampled down. I don't really want them to eat a ton of grass, but I do want Phantom off a round bale for a bit. And there are a lot of weedy type of grass in that paddock that the horses likely won't touch. So I agreed
This lipstick shade is called Beet Pulp/Alfalfa Pellet Soup.

Phantom and another mare from her field, Missy, moved over first. No issues with the two of them being together. Phantom was pretty chill and Missy was the worrier.

I took Cisco over about an hour later as I had been hoping to do something with him. But I ran out of time.
Checking out the new location. That's Phantom chilling at the back.

Phantom decided that she wasn't real impressed with her little brother showing up to her party. She crabbed at him and made mare faces.

But there was someone who was happy to see him. A gelding from the paddock next door, Fox. Cisco always tried to play bitey-face with Fox when I would take him through the barn at the previous place. And within about 2 minutes of Cisco entering this paddock, they were playing bitey-face over the fence.

I fully expect to have to go searching for Cisco's fly mask on my next visit. And I'll probably start in Fox's paddock.

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