Thursday 17 August 2017

Horse Related Pet Peeves

I admit, I'm a bit of a safety monitor. Mostly because I've seen some simple things end up going very badly. There are some things that I think people are stupid for doing (like wearing flip flops around horses) but they don't affect me personally, so as long as they can live with the repercussions of their decisions, have at it.

When it comes down to something that could affect me or my horses though, that I have a problem with. Some teenagers were parked in front of the stall where I keep my tack, and despite me having to go around the horses that were too close together, tied in front of the door, and walk over the poop no one could bother to clean up, none of them moved, so my bitchy side came out.  Why do people have to tie their horses right next to the tack lockers? I assume they all have fully functioning legs and are capable of walking a few stalls down with their stuff since none of them ride in any para divisions. (My passive aggressive move might be to park Phantom in front of the their tack locker when they are getting ready since she ground ties quite nicely. And hopefully she would poop since she has elephant sized poops.)

That's just annoying, inconsiderate behaviour. Not real safe either. Which was said to them.

But my pet peeve that I see so many people do? Put their bridle on, then leave their halter hanging down towards the ground from the lead shank.
There are three halters hanging down within 10 feet of each other. Also note that the door to the stall my tack is in is the open door on the left - there were 3 horses parked in this area that I was expected to get through. You can probably see why my bitch side came out.

Trip hazards for humans. Somewhere for a horse to hang a leg up in.

If I park my horse in front of a halter still attached to a wall, I always untie it and move it aside. I never leave my own halter that way. It's always unclipped from the shank, and more often than not the shank is also untied.

Maybe it's just because I'm old and have been around horses for too long and I know how fast something can happen. Or maybe it's because I'm a huge klutz and I figure I will likely be the one to break my ankle tripping over someone else's halter. Horses are quite capable of doing stupid things without human assistance - why make it any easier for them?

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