Saturday 2 February 2019

Different Ways to Trim

I just read Bel Joeor's post about a butteris - a tool used to trim hooves starting centuries ago.

Which brought to mind this video.

It's easy to forget that standards of care for horses are different in different parts of the world, and in many areas are based on tradition, rather than modern education and training.

It is a Facebook video, so, if you can't see it my apologies.

Watch it and enjoy! (Or cringe.)

Click on this to go to Facebook and view.


  1. I might have to show this to my farrier next week. It's a little scary watching but I agree with different areas having different ideas and I also would like to think that the trim might change based on the terrain/climate of that area.

    1. The most impressive thing about it is that the guy seems to have all his fingers and limbs intact!
      But yes - all horses do not get to have resets done every 6 weeks and work on levelled sand footing.