Thursday 31 January 2019

Play Date

I should have ridden Cisco today. Since this is happening:
That's 10 days in the forecast of weather that's too cold to ride. 

That's stay at home under a blanket on the couch type weather.

Thus, the ponies will be getting another mini-vacation.

So yes, I should have ridden Cisco today. I rode yesterday (write up coming, because I'll need something to write about for the next week) and though I was happy where it ended, I wasn't happy with where it started. But it's hard to get the motivation to ride an idiot horse once or twice knowing that we'll be back to the same silly stage when I get to ride again in 10 days. 

Plus I was late leaving the house and had to have Phantom ready to see the vet at a certain time. (Again, I'll fill you in later. All limbs are still attached and functioning pretty good.)

A friend has a mini pony (bigger than a mini, but smaller than a pony) who has been stuck in a stall while his paddock is being readied for him. I sent her a message to see if it would be okay if I were to turn Blue out with Cisco in the arena. She said go for it.

So they met for the first time. And had a blast running around.

There was an attempt to start a game of Biteyface and a short game of Grab My Halter. If they had been left alone longer I am quite sure that they would have become BFF's.

If I manage to get out this week, I'll see if the boys can spend some more free time together. The first play date went well!


  1. God, that pony is cute! SO FLUFFY. And look at his little legs go!!

    1. He is an adorable little sass monster. Who's actually a very good boy.

  2. I am fitting in a lesson tonight, and then mine is also getting the next however many days off until it warms up. This weather is the pits!

    1. I figure the roads are going to be crap today so I've declared a snow day and I'm staying home. Maybe I'll have to clean my house. Probably not though.

  3. There really is no point in riding in such weather. But that pony is adorable