Wednesday, 30 January 2019

2/3's of the Way

I received piece #2 of the Wow saddle I am building.

Here are the panels.
Horse side on the top, saddle side on the bottom.

I had put an ISO ad on the Facebook page for Wow parts in the UK. The company that makes Wow saddles actually keeps an eye on the page, and they contacted me about these panels that they had available.

Below and to the left of the silver plate piece you can see the Flair tubes that are used to add air.

They were a bit more than I was hoping to pay, and the price was non-negotiable. These wide panels do not seem to come up very often on the second hand market, especially in the size I needed, so I figured I might as well grab them. They were still cheaper than they would be new.

I hand fastened the panels onto the seat. I still need the headplate to shape the front.

Wow said that they were in very good condition. The only mark I see on them is a slight imprint on the inside from when it would have been put together as a saddle.

Here you can see.... well, you could, if the Gray Flannel Kitty wasn't in the way. Move, Grover! 

The leather is super soft and the panels are squishy. I still have to figure out how to adjust the Flair system, but that will wait until it's on the horse.

Here.... sorry, one more try.

Next up will be the flaps. Thankfully I don't have to pay for them all up front, so I'm planning to order them within the next couple of weeks. They'll take at least two months to arrive, so I'd like to get the process started.

Here you can see the size of the panels and how much area it covers to disperse weight. They say It's more than a western saddle.

I'm excited to get to ride in it - fingers crossed that I love it!

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