Thursday 3 January 2019

The Sun Came Out

That temperature swing hit us on Wednesday, and it got up to a glorious +7 degrees Celsius. That's almost t-shirt weather in Alberta!

Well, maybe not t-shirt weather. But it is tail washing weather! Especially when you have 2 white tails to deal with.

Phantom's tail wasn't actually too bad. It has been up in it's Vetrap and duct tape cocoon for about 8 weeks (whoops) and needed to be changed, so I figured I might as well take the opportunity to clean it. There was a bit of poop above the wrap that I wanted to clean before rewrapping it, but otherwise I was pleasantly surprised by how clean it was.

Cisco's tail has been down all winter. Since he is a pooping machine (especially when at all nervous or worried) it wasn't overly clean. I mean, it wasn't like it was caught up in his leg straps and acting like a shelf and holding his frozen balls of poo on it (which is gross and the reason why Phantom now gets her tail put up every winter). But it definitely was more brown than whatever colour it should be.

He was a turd about getting it washed. He was tied up in the horse murdering stall (or as I call it, the washrack), and could not stand still. At all. I was using buckets to clean his tail because I didn't want to get more than his tail wet. Somehow I didn't end up with water spilled all over me, though I've no idea how I managed to dodge that.

It was a quick washing of just the bottom bit, which was the poopiest bit. Not perfectly clean, but much better than it was.

This might be the last chance to wash tails until April, so I put his tail up too. I forgot to bring out the duct tape that I bought for him - something manly instead of all the pink patterns I have for Phantom. He got boring blue.
And yes Cisco, it does make your butt look big.
The ponies also got to spend some time outside nekkid in the sun. I turned Phantom out after our ride without her blanket. She cantered away from the gate to the other side of her paddock, stopped, dropped and rolled. She was obviously happy to be free of clothing.

Both horses also got ridden. I spent almost 7 hours at the barn, got home around 9 pm and was in bed typing this post by 10 pm. Very tired.


  1. It sounds like a good day. I love a +7; day in winter! I have been averting my eyes from Carmen’s tail though.

    1. Gotta take advantage of those nice days because there's usually a trade-off and the next week ends up super cold. I can't stand the feeling of a tail frozen with pee and poop in it. Phantom's gets so gross if I leave it down.