Saturday, 5 January 2019

What Does It Mean?

There's something odd about this picture. Can you see it? (Hint - it's not that it's a crappy picture with the top part of the horse cut off.)

Compare it to these photos of Phantom eating:

Do you see it now?

In case you haven't seen it, here it is:

Phantom always adopts a right foot forward stance when she eats. Like, always.

But for some reason, on Thursday, after getting her shoes reset, she ate her food with her front legs mostly square.

Why?????? I want to know!!

Was it because she had just had her feet trimmed and shoes reset? If so, what was done differently by her normal farrier?

Is it because she's sore somewhere in her body (I know she needs her hocks injected, and she was a bit uncomfortable about holding her right hind up for the farrier). Her front right had blown up a bit again because of that itty bitty cut from last week, but she wasn't apparently sore on it.

Or am I just being overly paranoid and totally overthinking the fact that on one particular day she changed her stance for the 5 minutes it took to eat her dinner?

Nope. That can't be it.

Something is definitely wrong with my horse.

Her normal, non-eating stance is square up front. 

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  1. I noticed a club footed horse doing that same stance when grazing. She would only ever eat from the ground with the one foot forward and not the other. I'm not saying Phantom's club-footed, but it's possible the farrier work did do something to change her stance. It could also be like a million other things, but I thought I'd throw my anecdote in.