Monday, 21 January 2019

Sunday Sun

Like most of the country, last week was verra, verra cold. Ponies didn't get ridden - heck, they didn't even get looked at. I watched a whole bunch of Netflix, made a delicious cheesecake (omg the Instant Pot makes amazing cheesecakes), and not much else.

Our weather changed for the good on Sunday, and it's looking like the rest of week should be doable to get some riding in. Starting Tuesday due to my work schedule.

On Sunday, I first taught a couple of lessons. There were some high-risk areas of the arena we had to avoid:
Not glass - ice from above.
More ice behind the standards
There were a couple of areas that had ice build-up on the ceiling of the Cover-All arena. With the sun coming out and the heaters on, it was melting and crashing to the ground. The spot over by the rail had some scary pointy icicles (like 2 ft long) when I got into the arena - I blocked that area up right away. It took a couple of hours for all of the ice to finish falling. Which led to some issues for some horses, thankfully not the ones I was teaching.

I had planned to lunge both of my horses.
I agree with barn kitten - Sunday afternoons are for napping.
Phantom got her chance to play. She had no sense of danger in the hazard zones - first thing she did when I let her loose was walk through them, crunching the ice under her feet. She had her normal fun time getting her zoomies out.
I took silly pictures of her nose while she was cooling off.
Next,  I lunged one of the lesson horses who had been lame with fat hind legs earlier in the week. His legs were no longer fat, but he was still very lame. And sassy. Which only lasted a few steps before he realized that he was owie.

And then I was done. No energy left. It was about 3:30 and I'd only had a bagel all day. At 9:30 that morning. I didn't have the energy to tromp through the snow and lunge a horse who might have a heart attack if the collapse of the arena roof was imminent.
When your mom is too tired to carry anything other than a small pail and you have to stuff your face in it to nom.
But I'd already made up his food. So I trudged out to Cisco's pen with his dinner in a bucket. He came to the gate when called, I parked the bucket on the ground outside the gate, and he gobbled it down. That was all the attention he got.

He got lots of attention from his neighbours though.

The girls were jealous. 
Hopefully, I can convince my butt to get off the couch this week and get lots of saddle time in before the weather changes again.


  1. Brrr! I'm cold just reading all that!

  2. The sun was sooo nice yesterday!

    Looking at the forecast for where I am though, supposed to be ridiculously cold for Tuesday night/Wednesday and then back to warm again. I wish the weather would stop yo-yoing!

    1. Yup - I'm in the same area as you. And of course Wednesday is my day off!
      Don't look at next week - I have the week off, and so far it's not looking pretty.