Monday 8 January 2018

Yay! A Ride!

Yay! I rode my horse!

On Friday night I hopped on Phantom for the first time in two months. It was a super short ride, because I needed to be able to walk the next day, but hey, it was time in the saddle!

I hopped on and she was ready to go. I had hoped to do some lateral work on a long rein as part of my warm-up at a walk, but as soon as I touched her with my leg or asked her to flex laterally she was all "I trot now" and would jog. Once we got the first trot out of the way she was okay to walk.
Phantom managed to snag herself a snack as I was leading her to the arena. It hung out of her mouth for the whole ride. Also, note the amount of fluffitude.

She felt pretty good - a little stiff to start, but worked out of it quite quickly. We did a few short trots, mainly just working on not dropping her right shoulder when I changed direction. I threw in a couple of leg yields both ways, she started to reach forward and down, and I called it a day. She gave me a good effort, and I couldn't feel my thighs anymore due to the cold.
After we untacked, she spit out the hay and wouldn't eat it. It was too slobbery.

I'm going to have to figure out how to dress for riding this winter. It was only -9 celsius. I had merino wool long johns under my breeches, and the front of my thighs were freezing pretty early in the ride. I've been scouting online for winter breeches, but I also have that no-spend thing I'm working on. I have my old full chaps somewhere in my garage, so I think I'll have to dig them out.

Her forelock is a bit ridiculous - her fly mask in the summer rubs most of it out, so it grows back super fluffy in the winter.
It will probably be the end of the week again before I manage to get in another ride. The first part of the week I'll be very busy with work, then the weather changes again and we're in for a short deep freeze again.
I think it was about +3 today. Gotta love the 30 degree difference in 3 or 4 days that we get on the Prairies.

Oh- and the owl appears to be getting braver. He's flying a bit lower when there are horses and people in the arena - the person who was in the arena before me said he seemed to be just above the jump standards. He wasn't quite that low when he flew around when I rode, but seeing a large bird soaring above you as you are riding is a bit disconcerting! And rather cool!


  1. That is quite the weather swing.

    1. It happens a few times a year. 30 degrees within a couple of days - sometimes less. Which is why when I go to Spruce Meadows in September, I bring a winter coat, mitts, toque, sandals, shorts and sunscreen - and will probably use all of it over the weekend!

  2. so i have some kerrits winter riding pants and like them a lot - they definitely help keep me warm! but yea... the no spend thing is tough haha. another option i like are Mopas fleece leggings from amazon. they're super cheap, one-size-fits-all, and aren't necessarily cute on their own. BUT. they make a great base layer and are super warm, and i've bought a couple pairs over the years. but for ~$7 they're great!!

    1. I have something similar that I got at Costco. They're not my favourite as they get saggy crotch syndrome. I find them about as warm as my long johns underneath regular breeches.

  3. Now is the time to buy winter breeches- they are on sale! Sprucewood Tack often has good deals on them.