Wednesday 31 January 2018


We had lovely winter weather this past weekend. Not.

We woke to something like 15 cm of snow on Friday morning. I had drifts of about 2 feet tall in my backyard. Roads in the city were terrible. Thankfully my boss let us leave work an hour early so I missed the worst of rush hour on my drive home. There was no way I was going out to the barn though, which was a good decision as a message was posted that the road in front of the barn hadn't been plowed yet and people were getting stuck.

Saturday the roads weren't a whole lot better - the main roads weren't too snow filled, but they hadn't plowed the residential roads yet. And Sunday morning I woke up to -23 C - but my road had been plowed (I'm on a bus route so my road gets done fairly quickly). I cancelled the lessons that I teach on Sunday morning and stayed in bed.

I bundled myself up in the afternoon to head out to feed the ponies. And took a patch kit out, since I finally remembered. Which was a good thing, since Cisco decided to finally let one of his buddies put a hole in his blanket, as mentioned on Monday's post. I used the Rambo Stormsure adhesive and a cut up saddle cover to patch it. (I picked up a saddle cover at the consignment store to sacrifice for patches. Didn't care what colour, I picked the one with the heaviest material and the lowest price.) I had used that procedure on Phantom's Rambo 4 years ago on the only hole she has put in it, and it has held up so far, so I thought I would use it again. Plus it's something that can be done quickly, and doesn't require taking it to someone else to fix. It won't work if they tear their blanket so that their ass is hanging out of it, but for small tears it works fine.

How to use the Stormsure to patch blankets. And yes - cutting into your blanket does not feel good!

It does need to sit overnight for the adhesive to cure properly though. So Cisco had to wear some old clothing for the night. I dressed him in a 20 year old BMB stable blanket, and because I have no idea how much fill that blanket has, I added his rainsheet. And of course his (dented) suit of armor.
Still one layer to go.
I had to be somewhere for the evening on Sunday, and got home at about 10 pm. At which time I decided to bake another two batches of cookies for the kids. I wanted to use up the apple sauce I had bought for this purpose. But really it was because there were only 3 cookies left, and there was no way that I could split the last cookie between two horses.
I don't want to see this indignant face again.
There is a bunch in the freezer now, so I'll see how well they thaw. Not that I think the ponies will be overly picky about it.

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