Monday, 22 January 2018

A Boring Weekend

My weekend didn't go as planned. I had great hopes to ride each day.

Friday night I got out of work late, and had to make about 3 stops on my way home. So I didn't get home until 7pm, and by that time I didn't have it in me to have a late night at the barn.

I did ride on Saturday night! Another quick, easy ride on Phantom, and Cisco was twirled on the lunge line. Both ponies were good, with nothing exciting to report.
Good pony.

I had great plans on Sunday. I had two lessons to teach in the morning, then home for lunch, pick up Pony Grandma, and out to the barn with plans to hop on Cisco for the first time in 2+ months. Then home with time to actually cook dinner and have a relaxed evening.

On my drive out to the barn to teach person #1, she sent me a text message that the arena was being used by a dog training group. They usually meet out at my current barn, which is owned by the person who also manages the barn that I teach at. But next week there is a clinic at that barn, so they rescheduled to the other barn. And no one else was notified.
The helmet ear warmers are working great. Except that I can't hear my watch beep for the intervals when I'm riding Phantom. Thankfully it vibrates as well!
I managed to reschedule person #2 to start an hour later after the dogs were to be done. But person #1 understandably did not want to hang around for another hour and a half to ride.

So now my day was running later than planned. I went home and had lunch, and just could not warm up. When the time came to be heading out to the barn, I just didn't want to. I was chilled, grumpy, and after sitting on the couch for an hour under a blanket, ready for a nap. So I stayed home.

I did one thing for the ponies while at home - I made them some cookies. I had found a simple recipe on Facebook that I wanted to try. I'll post a review once my product samplers get to sample the product.
They look like cheese biscuits, but they're not.

The weather this week is supposed to be pretty good, I don't have any plans and I have an extra day off, so I'm planning to get lots of pony time in.


  1. ugh i hate it when my carefully planned schedule gets thrown off like that! totally zaps all my motivation lol. but hey, the cookies look yummy tho ;)

    1. Grumpiness sucks out all desire to do anything but watch Netflix. I haven't tried the cookies myself, so no comment as to yumminess. The ponies will have to be the ones to decide!

  2. Those cookies do look like cheese biscuits!