Tuesday 9 January 2018

Snow Suit Season

I have one more busy day at work, and then things slow down a bit and I can get some riding in. Except that the weather isn't cooperating.

We are under a snowfall warning. Starting in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, we are expecting 10-20 cm of snow by the end of Tuesday. That's 4-8 inches. I appreciate that it's not nearly as much as the east coast has gotten recently. But also blowing in with this snow is the cold. The temperature drops through Tuesday, and the high between Wednesday and Friday is forecasted to be -22 celsius. Lows in the -30's. Way too cold to ride.

I trudged out to the barn on Monday night to dress the kids up in their snowsuits. They both got a liner added to their blankets, and since they have partially nekkid necks, I also added hoods.

Pony Grandma did a fantastic job of tailoring Cisco's hood to fit him better. It no longer looks like a turtleneck.
What it looks like now.

What it looked like before.

And that was it for my visit. Other than the obligatory cookies, of course. Quick visit in the hope I could get to bed early.

I just realized I should have brought some tack home to clean. Oops. Maybe I will just curl up on the couch on Wednesday (my day off) and watch some of the footage from the Horsemastership clinics on USEF Network and learn something. That, or binge something new on Netflix.


  1. I'm planning on binge watching the horsemastership clinics myself as its a pretty nasty day (For SoCal) outside.

    1. I would happily trade your bad weather for mine!