Tuesday 26 September 2017

Weekend Update

Not much to update from this weekend.

Friday night had me taking a Yoga for Equestrians class. It was being held by a friend of a friend, and cost only $10, which was going to the local SPCA. For 10 bucks, I was totally willing to find out how bendy I was not.

I was pleasantly surprised at how good I did (in my mind, anyways). There were a couple of moments that I was really hoping to move on to the next movement, and I was definitely not able to breathe the right way, and I'm sure that she was teaching an introductory class, but I quite enjoyed it. My back and hips felt great afterwards. For about an hour or two. Then my body stiffened up and I was a bit sore. But I picked up a couple of moves that I will throw into my regular stretching routine.

So no barn visit that night.

Saturday evening had me visiting the ponies to chase them in the arena with the intent of riding on Sunday.

Cisco ran around the safe end of the arena. Then I did some clicker work with him at the scary end. I'm working on teaching him to do head down on command (the command is pressing his neck), which I will try to use when he gets stressed and wants to turn into a giraffe.
Phantom keeps her eye on me in case it's time to be done.

Phantom ran around quite a bit also. She loves playtime in the arena. Even gave a buck this time. I mean, a really crappy buck, but still more than she usually does.

Sunday I woke up with the makings of a cold with a sore throat and sinus pain. I taught the couple of lessons I was scheduled to teach and went home to have a nap. I just couldn't keep my eyes open for the rest of the day so didn't manage to get out.
Slurping her beet pulp soup. The soupier, the better.

Monday was a planned day to make a project with my dad. I worked all day on it, and still have probably another 4 or 5 hours to do before it's finished. I'll report on it once it's finished.
Here's the preview!

I had hoped to make it out on Monday night, but I painted until about 8:30 and still had to get supper and do laundry. I need to get this done quickly so that I can park my car in the garage and not have to scrape windows in the morning. So the ponies got another night off.

I also got an email that the brown One K helmet I had ordered was out of stock and wouldn't be available. Kinda choked that it took them 6 business days to let me know, and my order status said completed so I figured it was on its way. I might still end up with it in the Matte finish, or might switch to navy as a second option. I really don't want black!

I'm really hoping I don't wake up with a full blown cold in the morning!

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