Tuesday 19 September 2017

Oops - I Spent Money

I wasn't supposed to.

I did plan on paying the deposit for the short-flapped Sensation Treeless saddle that I am ordering. That one was planned for. This gets my saddle in the queue to be made, and hopefully I will have it for Christmas.

In getting winter blankets sorted out for Cisco, and putting Phantom's Bucas blanket on last week, I discovered that the elastic leg straps on some of my blankets have stretched out, or are missing. I have a bad habit of stripping a leg strap from a blanket that isn't in use, and then realizing when I put that blanket back on that there is no leg strap, so I borrow one from another blanket, and on goes the cycle.

The big Bucas for Cisco had 1 leg strap, his Kensington straps were too short, and the straps on Phantom's lightweight Bucas have kind of stretched out. So that is 3 sets that I know that I need. I bought a set a couple of weeks ago, but don't think I have any other spare sets. So I needed more leg straps.

I wanted a couple of the hooks that go over a wall to hang my bridle on. The barn currently doesn't really have anywhere in the aisle to hang my bridle or halter when I am getting ready (or saddle racks outside of lockers - I have a plan in action for that). They're not expensive - only $4 each. I bought one for each horse's grooming kit, so that whichever horse I am getting ready has a hook handy.

I didn't need a new helmet.

I do like to have two helmets, especially with two horses to ride. I really dislike putting a sweaty helmet on for the second ride. And in winter, I find that my helmet doesn't really dry out overnight, so it's still a bit damp when I ride the next day. Just a yucky feeling. And a total first world equestrian problem.

I had been thinking of picking up a second helmet over the Helmet Awareness weekend for a bit. My current helmet is the Troxel Intrepid Allure. I've had this one for about two years, after falling and hearing my beloved One K Defender Pro (with the flip down sun shield) go crunch. I was quite saddened by the loss of that helmet. But since I no longer have show aspirations, when it came time to replace it I had a hard time justifying the cost of a Charles Owen or One K, when a schooling helmet, at a fraction of the price, would suffice.
The current helmet. I always forget that there is a design on it. From the Troxel website.

I have an oval head, I need good ventilation, and I hate dial systems on the harness. So for schooling helmets, that limits my options. I had had a Tipperary Sportage in the past, and really like it, but the newer style doesn't fit my noggin. Wrong shape.

So I bought the Troxel, and have been quite happy in it.

But now I have two horses to ride.

My first thought was to get another Troxel Intrepid, in a different colour. That would cost about $80 after the Helmet Awareness day discounts. And that colour would likely be black.

But maybe I could try the Tipperary again. Because it comes in navy. And my new saddle is going to have navy accents.

Wait a minute - it also comes in brown. And my half-chaps and boots are brown.

Yes, I need a brown helmet.

So the plan was to try the Tipperary in brown, and hope that something had changed in the last two years and it now fit my head. And if it didn't, then I would get the Troxel in black. Because I could justify spending $80 for a second helmet.

The day before the discounts came into effect, I checked out a bunch of Canadian online tack shops to see where the best deals would be. Some stores were doing 20% off across the board, some gave you a free helmet bag, some free shipping.

And then I found some great deals. On One K Defender helmets. And they had some options in brown. And they were beautiful. And they were $300.
It's so pretty. From the One K website.

I am very aware that my desire for a brown helmet is a want, not a need. A black Troxel would work just as well.

But I wanted that brown helmet.

So the plan changed - I would still try the Tipperary in brown, and hope that something had changed in the last two years and it now fit my head. And if it didn't, then I would get the One K Defender in brown. Because I wanted it.

The Tipperary didn't fit.



  1. Well then that means you can justify spending 300., right?

    1. Since I need a second helmet, and it had to be brown, the answer was yes!

  2. LOVE the OneK, totally justified imo!