Wednesday 20 September 2017

Suit of Armor

The weather changed last week to cool and damp. I blanketed both ponies - Phantom really hates to be wet and cold.

Cisco wore his new Century Superline rainsheet, which is 1680D. I picked this up for half price when a local store went under and cleared their stuff out.

It's probably not the best fit for Cisco - it's a 76", and he could probably use a 78" to fit a bit better around the front. But since he has aspirations to be my first blanket destroyer, he's getting whatever I can get a deal on.

I am also going to try a suit of armor over Cisco's blankets - a Kensington fly sheet.

I found this on, of all places, It's the SureFit version - it blends the Traditional and European cuts. It runs for about $200 CDN - it was on sale for $126. It was even a good colour - Baker plaid!

I had planned to use it as a fly sheet for the last few weeks of summer, but decided that Cisco could suck it up and go naked so that I could save the Kensington to go over his other blankets.

It's a 75". It fits okay on it's own, but I don't know how it will fit over a winter blanket.  I have price alerts set up so that I will get notifications for the next size up if they go on sale again.
It's hard to take decent pictures of horses who like being near me.

I put his suit of armor on him on Wednesday. As of Saturday, he had a couple of poke marks on the shoulder.
I didn't think it was this blurry. But you can see the poke marks on the right-ish.

If he wrecks the Kensington, there might be horse nudity this winter. And it gets cold out here on the prairies.
Phantom's mad that she didn't get new clothing.

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