Thursday 28 September 2017

Lazy Barn Day

The lack of energy due to the onset of the plague head cold continued on Wednesday. I had to do more of the umpteen coats of paint on my project that was still required (when will I learn to not choose dark colours?) and be at the barn for 4 pm to teach lessons. So my guys had another day to basically chill.

As promised, here is a post with mainly photos.

Phantom and Cisco were in the shelter when I arrived. Cisco came right to the gate to meet me. Phantom is a little more cautious.
Cisco's butt was hanging out because Phantom likes to hog all the space in the shelter for herself.
Phantom: Who's there??
Oh. It's just you.

Then she made faces while at the water trough.
I'm gonna bite that water!
I took Cisco for a walk around the yard. I tried to take some pictures of him - this is what I got.
That mane looks good though.
It's hard to take a picture of something other than a nose while he is taking me for a walk. He definitely gives me the feeling of going somewhere, whereas Phantom I always feel like I have to drag her along with me.

We came across the barn pig, Wilbur, on our walk.

Cisco is hard to photograph because he always wants to stand with me. I have taken a lot of pics with him walking towards me.
Started out at the trough.
O hai there!
Here I am!

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