Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Christmas is Coming

I ordered the paddock boots. After walking through mud in the dark to catch a horse and praying that I didn't end up with a muddy sock I figured I would bite the bullet. Those lovely dark brown Cavallo's will be mine (in about a month when they arrive).

Every spring and fall there is a local new and used tack sale. The last couple of years I've taken a table at the fall event and attempted to sell some crafty things that I make. The tables are pretty cheap, at $35 each, so it has totally been worth my while going to this sale.

This was my table the first year that I went.
I sell glittery ornaments, pillow covers for sofa cushions. some nightlights.

I also have some non-horse related gift items on the table that generally do very well.
These dish towels did very well last year.

The best selling item is car decals. I do up a bunch of pre-cut decals in white and silver and sell them for $6. 

This year I am going to try make-up bags.
Lettering done in glitter, of course.

You'll get it if you've ever ridden in flat classes.

And I'm contemplating horse Christmas stockings, similar to these ones.
Phantom's stocking from last year. She was quite disappointed in how little Santa put in it and fully expects Santa to make up for it this year. 

Pony Grandma can stitch them up for me, and there would be minimal adornment. Names could be added if someone so desired. The problem with them would be if the selling price would make it worthwhile to make them. This is no high end sale. People are looking for deals.

So, a couple of questions for my readers.
1) Would you need to buy a stocking for your horse, and how much would you be willing to spend?
2) Would you squee at a pink car decal? (Light pink, not fuschia.)
3) What would entice you to spend your money as soon as you saw it? Under $25, nothing sized (thus no tshirts).


  1. ooh lots of cute stuff there - those types of decals are super popular around here, it seems. i definitely think colors and/or patterns (like strips or chevrons polka dots etc) could be fun too

  2. I would love a fuschia mare decal. 😁 the horse stockings are really cute. Maybe a braiding kitbag.