Wednesday 24 October 2018

Partly Nekkid

Being the wild and crazy horse-person that I am, my Friday night was spent clipping my horses. Cisco has been getting pretty sweaty when ridden, and Phantom has most of her thick winter coat. After a month of below average temperatures the weather has finally warmed up and winter coats are a bit too warm during sunny days.

I had taken the blades for my Lister Star clippers in for resharpening a couple of weeks ago. Last year I had them sharpened, but they weren't done correctly, and when I tried to clip last winter I had to use the fine blades instead of the desired mediums. They cut shorter than I would like so I was really hoping this new lady would do a better job and the mediums would work.

Thankfully they worked just fine. But there was still one more problem.
His shoulder and elbows were sweaty. I do not recommend clipping sweaty horses.

Cisco came into the barn sweaty. Don't know why, but it was warmish out. Cisco also has very fine hair, especially the fluffy bits around his elbows and inside his front legs. Clipping him was like clipping a wet rabbit. Or how I envision clipping a wet rabbit would be since I've never had the pleasure.

Fine, wet rabbit hair clogs up clippers. Especially the smaller clippers that I use to get into the tricky bits. So it felt like it took forever to get his modified Irish clip done.

By comparison, Phantom, who has a thick coat, but doesn't have rabbit hair, took a max of 30 minutes start to finish.  Less than half the time that I spent on Cisco.
Phantom has turned into a blonde lately. I would prefer that she go back to her natural platinum blonde, but she seems to dig the yellow blonde. 

The clips aren't the prettiest jobs I've done - a bit ragged around the edges of the tops of the legs and by the girth. But they'll work. By Christmas you probably won't be able to see the difference from the shaved area to the non-shaved area and I'll have to do it again.

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  1. charlie always gets really sweaty on his neck and shoulders too, so this style clip works great for him, without him requiring a ton of layers. he'll probably get clipped at some point in the next month or so, assuming he ever gets back into work lol