Monday 9 April 2018

LeMieux Schooling Boots - Initial Review

Last summer I picked up a set of Back on Track Royal Tendon and Fetlock boots for Cisco (at 1/2 price) in cob size. I'm not much of a boot or bandage person (mostly because I'm lazy) but Cisco paddles a bit in front so I thought I would put something on him to protect him if he whacks himself.

The BOT boots have the pin and tab closure, which only have 3 options for tightness. The fetlock boots have needed to be done up on the tightest hole since the beginning, and I've been thinking that they've already stretched a bit. Overall, the boots are okay, but not my favourite. So I've been thinking about replacing them.

As per normal, I researched the crap out of what boots I wanted. I like the look of fleece - when it's new. Our arena has sand footing and sand is harder to get out of fleece than neoprene type linings, so decided against the fleece. I wanted durable. I wanted them to look classic but stylish. I would have loved them in a leather print like reptile or ostrich, but there weren't too many options in that. I wanted them in cob size. And I didn't want to pay too huge an amount for them.

I decided upon the LeMieux Schooling Boots. They have the neoprene type lining, a durable pebbled faux leather exterior, and I like the look of them. The size chart recommended size medium for fronts and backs for cob sizes.

I've never seen LeMieux products in person, but have seen lots of reviews on their items and they've all been positive. Many people said that they bought their items from the UK for a much better price, so that was where I focused my shopping. I received a 15% off code for Ebay so that dropped the landed price down to about $145 for an all-round set. Shipping took about 2 weeks and I didn't have to pay customs (yay!).
The pebbled faux leather appeases my desire for texture.
They feel good - the faux leather doesn't feel stiff or plasticky. The velcro straps have super sticky velcro on them - they will take a good pull to separate. (Mediums have 2 straps, large/XL have 3 straps, which I prefer the look of, but oh well.)

The boots have a polycarbonate shockproof shell between the layers but are fairly soft and flexible. They are machine washable with cold water.

The bottom strap is slightly angled.
The height on the medium sized boots is just right for the fronts. I might like them to be a touch higher for the backs, but the mediums will work fine.

What I don't like is that the tabs seem too long and stick out behind the leg. I would say that Cisco's legs are of average bone, and the boots don't seem to overlap very much. I'm not overly worried about them coming undone, I just think it doesn't look as tidy.

The back leg
Other than the tab length, I am initially happy with them. They seem to be durable and well-made. Cisco has never worn high back boots before, and he didn't seem to have any complaints about them.
New boots did not interfere with zoomies.


  1. Thanks for the review! I am on the hunt for new boots for my horse, and these might check all the boxes! (she has a lot of bone, so I am hoping she "takes up" more of the tabs)

  2. I have found with the tabs sticking out with Onyx, when she jumps the back can catch on the front and rip the tab off. Repaired once and it happened again. Hope that is not the case with yours. Wiosh I would have cut off the excess.

    1. Hmmmm, there's not really any velcro exposed other than what is on the end of the tab, so I don't think there is anything for it to catch onto. I might add a piece of velcro onto the boot for the end of the tab to attach to if I can find a way to stick it on. I'll see how much it annoys me.