Monday, 23 April 2018

Start of Vacation

I started a week of vacation on Sunday. It's mostly a staycation - I'm going a whole 1.5 hours out of town on Friday to Mane Event (our version of Equine Affaire). Otherwise, I plan to spend a whole bunch of time at the barn this week.

Except for Sunday. That was my day of rest. I seem to always spend one day of my vacation doing nothing but eating and selecting my next viewing choice on Netflix. Sunday was my best bet for this week since the clinic at the barn meant that the arena was closed. And it was really windy. Or at least it sounded really windy from my couch.
My step counter for Sunday. No steps until I went to the barn at 6pm.
I actually did go out to the barn in the evening (after a nap). Phantom looked really good on Friday - she was moving almost normally, but the bump on her chest was still there. Not as big, but there. I hadn't made it out on Saturday, so I needed to make sure that it was still looking good.

It was. Her boobs are pretty well the same size, although the left one is hard. Gravity has pulled the fluid down. She looked really good on the lunge. I'm hoping that she will feel good under saddle on Monday.
Mostly uniform boobage.
Since I was there Cisco got a quick lunge as well. He was mostly pretty chill - he scooted a couple of times when the pigeons started flapping.
Yay! It's spring! - said no gray horse owner ever.
Although it took forever to arrive, spring is definitely here. The snow is almost melted everywhere, and we are hopefully out of the worst of the mud. This week is looking like it should be fantastic weather-wise - 20 degrees at the end of the week. That's tail washing weather - maybe even bathing weather. I also plan to clean a bunch of tack, and maybe even get my tack box reorganized. Somehow vacation time always seems to go too fast!


  1. Thank god for spring tho, finally!!

  2. I hope you share all the neat stuff you see at the Mane event!

    1. All the stuff I want to buy but must not? I sure will!