Monday 18 December 2017

Uh Oh. I've Discovered Amazon

I recently discovered something.

And it's not good. has some smokin' deals on horse items.

Now they don't carry very much for Equestrian stuff. And there is definitely a lot of stuff on there that is way overpriced.
$106 for Pro Choice bell boots? Hopefully nobody is stupid enough to buy them at this price!

But it seems that when they get down in quantity of some items, they slash the price. You can't be picky about the colour, and it might only be one size. But maybe you will get lucky, and it will be the size you need.

I picked up a Kensington Platinum Protective Fly Sheet for Cisco back in the summer for $126. Regular retail is closer to $200. It was the size I needed, and thankfully a colour that I liked. Score!

In the last couple of weeks, in the spirit of the Christmas season, I placed a few orders for myself from Amazon. I have Amazon Prime, so generally don't have to pay shipping or meet a minimum amount for free shipping. But since I scored that deal on the fly sheet, I keep looking for other items I can't turn down.

And this week, I found a few.

The first thing that I found when I did a search for Kensington was fly masks. Phantom goes through one a year but only likes the Cashel ones. Cisco isn't so picky, and he just needs the kind that covers his eyes when the little flies get bad at the end of the summer. At $8 a piece, I ordered two. (Fly masks make great grab handles when playing bitey face with other horses. They don't last.)
Regular $22

And with two grey horses, I can never have enough whitening shampoo. This is shampoo for livestock, but they make horse shampoo with the same ingredients in it. Just more expensive since it has prettier packaging with a horse on it. $6.
Regular $14.99

How about an Oster A5 clipper blade for $7? Only the 15 was this price, but that blade could easily be used for trimming bridle paths and faces. 
Regular about $40

And while shopping for a last minute Christmas present for my dad (why is he so hard to buy for?) I found some lead shanks. They are 3/4" cotton, which are the only type I like. Brass plated instead of solid brass snaps, but at $7 I couldn't turn them down. Only a couple of colours were this price, but blue and black are okay for me. 
I plan to torture my family with the Beanboozled game on Christmas day. 
And then there was the Flip Belt. It's a running belt that is made of spandex that is basically pockets you can keep stuff in around your waist when you don't have real pockets. I've been looking for something I can wear to keep my phone in while I ride that will be secure and not be floppy. These are normally $40, which is more than I want to spend. But $19? I'll take that deal! It was only in aqua, but thankfully the size I needed. My phone fits nicely inside.
To help you find these great deals, on the left side of the Amazon page you can filter to show certain discounts. 
Their filtering system kind of sucks, as there are a lot of items that still show up that have nothing to do with horses or equestrian sports. So be prepared to filter out a whole lot of leggings and cell phone cases.

I also use a price alert site that alerts me when items on my Wish List go down in price. I use a site called CamelCamelCamel, I am sure there are others out there that do the same thing. 

One thing to keep in mind - if you find a deal, you need to jump on it! Don't delay to mull it over, because when you go back to buy it there's a good chance it will either be back up in price or sold out. The shampoo that I ordered at $6 went back up to $14 when I went back after placing my order to look at the description again, which was like 5 minutes later. 


  1. You can find the HuntClub style belts on Amazon for a song and a dance too

    1. La la la la (fingers in ears) I can't hear you!
      I have like 5 C4 belts coming so I'm good on belts for a while!