Tuesday 12 December 2017

All Ears? Maybe Not

Phantom is generally pretty chill about most things in life. Which means taking pictures of her with a perky look on her face is rather difficult. Most of the time my pics of her show disinterest. Like this:

Enter the All Ears Selfie app (on iTunes or Google Play Store). It makes sounds using your phone that should make horses perk their ears towards you. The sound buttons are overlaid on your camera screen, so you can get your horse shot lined up, press the sound button, wait for their ears to whip forward, and snap a great picture.

Sounds include various horse whinnies, a donkey hee-hawing, candy wrappers, dog squeaky toys, dogs barking, a plastic bag crinkling,and grain being poured into a bucket. I counted 44 differents sounds.

Did it work? Did I get perky eared pics of Phantom?


I tried almost every sound. I think her left ear twitched twice. And not forward.

While I was going through all the sounds, I could hear the horses outside snorting loudly and running back and forth on icy footing. It sounded like they were seeing something that was quite spooky (land sharks maybe?). All that commotion was still not enough to perk her ears forward. Or to the side where the noises were for that matter.

What did work?
I put my hands in my coat pocket.

'Cause maybe cookies might come out of that pocket.


  1. That is so funny! I love the series of photos with no change in the ears and then the ears forward for potential treats. #typicalhorse

    1. I only put up 3 - there were about 20 with the same bored expression!

  2. Hahahaha! That's hilarious. Also, Phantom is adorable.