Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Equestrian Blogger Gift Exchange

Although I started writing my blog just this summer, I have been a lurker on many other horsey blogs for a few years. One of the things I always thought was cool was the Equestrian Blogger Gift Exchange at Christmas. Random horsey presents showing up in the mail? That I didn't have to pay for? Yes please! So when I started writing my blog, I bookmarked Tracy's blog The Printable Pony so that I could make sure I didn't miss out.

And just as I hoped - a couple weeks before Christmas, I had a parcel to pick up at the post office!

I waited until Christmas Day to open it, as I knew there wouldn't be many things under the tree with my name on them.

What did I find?

My secret Santa was Erika, from An Optimist, a Pony, and a Pug. I'm pretty sure I've read her blog before, but it wasn't one of my regular ones. It will be now!
Card with a horse on it. Where do people find these? I always look but can't seem to find one.

I opened the package up and discovered the most awesome pair of socks, and a cozy, ear-warming headband! I giggled for at least 5 minutes when I pulled out the socks. I love the print! And that headband will get lots of use for at least 6 months of the year!

Thank you Erika, aka An Optimist, a Pony, and a Pug!

And also many thanks to Tracy, for putting in what I'm sure is a ton of work to make the Gift Exchange happen. Can't wait until next year!


  1. I'm so glad you received the package and that you liked them! :) I've been lurking on your page since I sent them. I didn't want to comment and give myself away as your Secret Santa, but I wanted to make sure you received the goods (you can imagine my relief when I saw your blog post a couple of days ago explaining that you were waiting to open the package)! I seriously have that same exact headband and LOVE it. It comes home stinking like horse, but I don't care. ;)

    1. Once I saw that everyone else was putting up their posts about their gifts I figured there was someone out there panicking that I hadn't received mine! So I thought I'd better let them know it was received in time.
      Thank you once again! I'm wearing the socks to work today as half-length long underwear because it's so darn cold out!