Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Orange You Glad to See Me?

I finally made it out on Monday night to visit the kids. Again, I only had an hour to spend out there, so didn't do much with either of them.

For the first time in a long time, Phantom and Cisco were eating from different round bales! They finally have new friends!

Thankfully, they haven't forgotten that they like each other, as I brought them in together to save time. Speedy Gonzales was all over the Turtle, and she puts up with him bumping into her.

They were tied in the barn to check blankets and goop Phantom's scratches. They are still crusty, but kind of a different kind of crusty. Don't know if it's better or the same. It doesn't seem to be as sore though.
Cisco insisted that the blankets self-exploded onto the floor. Yeah, right.

I remembered that I had some oranges in the car. Phantom loves oranges. So I had brought a couple in with me.

She got to eat the first half of the first orange. She took each slice I offered her and very thoughtfully ate it.

Then I tried it out on Cisco, who has never had an orange before. He took it in his mouth. And spat it out. I tried a couple of pieces, but they were a no-go. Oh well, more for Phantom!

So I finished stuffing the rest of the orange into Phantom, then took the kids together back outside. I returned to the barn to clean up, and found some orange slices on the ground where Phantom was standing.
The spit out orange pieces. I think she spit them out when my back was turned.

Maybe she doesn't like oranges as much as I thought she did!

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