Friday 16 March 2018

Spring Supplies

This weekend is the annual spring sale at Greenhawk, which is Canada's only national chain of equestrian stores. They often have a few good items at great prices, mostly their own branded stuff. This year there really isn't anything that I need, so for the most part I just ordered some boring necessities.

Like dewormer. It is 30% off this weekend. So I bought a years supply for each horse - an ivermectin, Safe Guard, and Quest Plus.
Gotta buy the necessities when they're on sale.
Phantom needed a new set of bell boots - the ones she has now have a split down one of them. The Shedrow ones fit her well, which can be an issue, and they aren't expensive. She only wears them when she gets to gallop around the arena and sometimes when trailering so cheap is fine.

I wanted a storage bag to store the Equisense and accessories in my locker. I had been eyeing something at the dollar store (for $3 of course) but wasn't sure if the girth attachment would fit in it. I think this clipper bag will work nicely, and it was $9. Pretty sure it will be better quality than the dollar store thing I was considering.

Since Cisco broke my lunge line clip, that needed to be replaced. And I threw in some of the surcingle donut elastics for blanket straps - I think I might have some but have no idea where.

My only splurge was a couple of C4 buckles. I don't need any more, but I wanted a couple of different colours to better match some of the belts that I got on Black Friday. I was hoping for chrome red, but they didn't have it, so I went with regular red and chrome black.
I think Thelwell needs a red buckle.
I was planning to drive to the local store on Thursday morning and pick up my list. Which would probably mean that I wouldn't have time to get home before I went to work in the afternoon, so I was planning on taking work clothes and kind of wandering around town before working. Which would mean a very long day. But I woke up in the morning to an email from Greenhawk that they had free shipping on orders over $75! So I shopped from home instead.

I'm just hoping that they have everything I want - I haven't had the best of luck with that from this company. And sure enough, later in the day, I got the shipping notice, and the one thing that wasn't shipped was the bell boots - the only thing that I needed in a somewhat timely manner. Oh well, as long as I eventually get them and don't have to pay shipping I can wait.


  1. That thelwell belt is pretty cute!

    1. I usually use an olive green buckle on it. It will look much better with a red buckle.