Tuesday 20 March 2018

Deep In The Amazon

I love Amazon.

Shop for anything from the comfort of my bed? Hell, yeah. Get it within a couple of days (thanks to Amazon Prime)? Yes please. Not needing to shop anywhere in person except the grocery store and occasionally the pet store? Worth the Amazon Prime cost.

I scout Amazon regularly for deals. And I've managed to find some smokin' ones.
Like the size 15 Oster blades that I paid $7-something for last December.

One trick is that I put anything that I might be interested in onto my Wish List. That makes it easy to check for price reductions. Also useful because you'll never find it again if you accidentally stumbled across something cool.

If you search "horse" on the Amazon site there will be a crap-ton of stuff.

There are some odd choices.
Horse leg socks

And then there are thing I legitimally want.

These horse paperclips are now on my wish list. $8.51.

Love these Dala Horse socks. They're now on my list. $10.40 (they'd have be cheaper for me to buy them, but one can hope!)

I really want this mechanical bank. $64.98. Not that I have any money to put into it.

A rolling pin that embosses your cookies with horses! I might be convinced to bake if I had this. $50

I actually bought these socks when I needed a filler. $8 / 4 pr.

Fair warning though - don't search by "pony". Unless you want anything you've ever thought of with a My Little Pony theme. 

(Note that these items were all found on the Canadian Amazon site, and are in Canadian pricing.)


  1. oh man i love amazon tho.... it's becoming a real problem haha, but i get almost everything there too! love all those socks!

    1. I don't think I've been in a store over the last month except food stores and Michael's. But there have been weekly shipments from online stores!

  2. We've been using Amazon a lot lately. I saw that roller pin- I do want it! And the bank- WOW!