Monday 19 March 2018

Quiet Weekend

There wasn't much happening on the pony front this weekend. I totally planned to ride on Saturday evening after work. But it snowed pretty well all day. It was mostly melting when it hit the ground (on the roads at least), but by the time I got home it was freezing on my car. I really didn't want to go out and get wet and cold. So I didn't.
Gray hair everywhere. 

It was late in the day before I managed to get out to the barn. So the ponies just got let loose in the arena to play for a bit, I scraped some hair off of Cisco, and redid Phantom's tail.

It touches the ground. Or did.
The advantage to putting Phantom's tail up over the winter is that it grows enough that I can cut a few inches off the stained ends. It was touching the ground by a couple of inches, so I chopped off about 4". Mostly because I didn't want to spend the effort to dry that part. It will still be wrapped up for another couple of months, so I'll bang it properly when I start to leave it down. 
Flowered duct tape because it's spring. 
Both horses got turned out without their hoods. It's still chilly overnight, just not crazy cold. There's lots of snow on the ground at the moment. Once that melts there's a good chance that the hoods will go back on in an attempt to prevent the gray horse spring tan. Pretty sure it will be muddy this year.


  1. Carmen's neck and tail have a definite yellow tinge these days. I try to avert my eyes. Theoretically I could have ridden this weekend but the wind was so cold and fierce I decided it wasn't fair to anyone.

    1. I love how you think your Gray horse us so clean, until you take the blanket off and see the yellow neck and actual clean body.

  2. lol i love that duct tape! and had to chop off the bottom of my horse's tail a couple weeks ago bc i couldn't stand how it kept dragging and dragging in the mud...

    1. That's why Phanton's tail will stay up for a couple more months. Mostly to keep it poop free, but also to keep it mud free.