Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Stiff Legs

As soon as it got cold this fall, Phantom decided that she was old and feeling her age. She did the same thing last year. I was hoping that by getting her hocks injected this past August she wouldn't feel so creaky this winter. But nope. It got chilly, she got stiff.

I hadn't ridden her in at least three weeks. Cisco is actually the more reliable of the two - Phantom can get a bit silly when she's full of herself. Cisco is generally the same every day, which is what I wanted for my first few rides back.

But I decided that I would hop on Phantom on Tuesday. I planned ahead and let her loose in the arena on Monday to get rid of any potential sillies.
Guess who had a good roll first?
The old gray mare moved like she was old. She wasn't too enthusiastic about doing much. Well, she did a short canter with a horribly uncomfortable downward transition and I could see her rethinking getting the zoomies. Her old lady hocks were bothering her.

I definitely need to get her looked at. I'm thinking I'll see if I can get some Previcox for her and give her that when I'm going to ride, at least in the winters. She was pretty good while it was warm in the summer.

For my ride on Tuesday, since I don't yet have Previcox, I gave Phantom some bute before getting her ready. She was also a bit stocked up in her hind legs, more so on the left than the right. That's new.

When I got on she was definitely taking short and tight steps. We walked around on a loose rein for about 15 minutes and it got better as we got going.

I was expecting her trot to start off terrible. But she actually felt pretty good! Well, she felt pretty even, at least. It took a while before she started to work into the contact, but I had no expectations for the ride so I wasn't worried. I just wanted to see how she felt and get her moving around.

I did a quick canter each way and ended the ride there. I didn't want to overdo things, and I hadn't given her any Ventipulmin and I could hear her breathing was a little laboured. I was happy with what she gave me. Phantom's fat hind legs also looked much better post-ride.

I was also happy that I didn't feel like I had no strength on this ride. This is the first ride after the surgery where I felt almost normal.

Until I can get her looked at, I guess I'll keep her on the gram of bute when she gets ridden - not that she'll get ridden much in the next few weeks. I was already planning on giving her some bute for her farrier appointment next week since she was fussy last time she got done.

I was telling someone last week that if Phantom were a human she would live in Lululemon clothing and Uggs because they are comfortable (and expensive). This horse has no stoicism and does not like to be uncomfortable. A princess should be pampered!


  1. Lol but would someone in lululemon roll enough to get that filthy ?? Lol