Friday 8 November 2019


Before I went out to the barn on Thursday I was determined to clean Cisco's bridle and breastplate that I had brought home to work on in the comfort of my living room (and in front of the tv). I hate cleaning strap goods - I will happily clean multi saddles before I will clean a bridle.
My tack cleaning nest in my living room.
Thus when I finally clean them, I do them properly. Take it apart, go over everything with just water first, then with saddle soap, and if needed, a conditioner. It takes a while.
One set done. Many to go.
I got out to the barn in the middle of the afternoon and grabbed Cisco. I was feeling pretty good after finally getting a proper sleep (aided by a muscle relaxant in the hopes of fending off another migraine) so I was optimistic about having a decent ride.

That all changed when I got on and realized I had no strength. I tried to put my left leg on him as we walked away from the mounting block and could barely apply pressure. Okay then. This ride was just going to be about using balance to stay on.

I managed some trot that wasn't atrocious. Lots of walk breaks where I rested my hands on the pommel and just let the horse carry me around. Then tried a canter. One circle each direction. I was a wet noodle in the saddle. No strength in my body to be of any help to the horse.

Total saddle time was about 35 minutes. It felt much longer.

That ride did me in. I was noodle-y for the rest of the day.
I spent my evening curled up on my couch wearing The Comfy Original Blanket Sweatshirt. This thing is super toasty and warm (and so not flattering!). I luvs it!

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