Saturday, 9 November 2019

Saturday Snowed In Santa List

Since I'm snowed in this weekend, I guess it's time to make my Christmas list!

One thing won't be on my list for this year  - the Pixio - because I ordered it yesterday! They have a promo for the next week of 60€ off, which is about $90 Canadian dollars. That's probably the best deal that I'll find so I jumped on it!

What else do I want need? My list is actually pretty small this year.

Saddle pads. Man, there are some pretty ones these days. And they come at a pretty price too.
Equestrian Stockholm - faded fushia

PS of Sweden - Jade
I've spent my morning looking at winter riding skirts. I have a hard time dressing my bottom half in clothing that lets me move but is warm enough that my thighs don't take 4 hours to thaw out when I get home. I'm really liking the idea of a riding skirt. These ones by Arctic Horse would be just the ticket.

Does the scenery come with the skirt?
They are a little too pricey for my liking - this skirt would be about $300 Canadian. If I was sure that I would ride in it a bunch, I would pay the money - it's only a little more than a pair of Pikeur breeches. I talked to Pony Grandma to see if she thinks it would be doable to make and she feels confident that it would be (basically a modified circle skirt). We're going to price out fabric and see if it's worthwhile to make at home.

And you know what? That's it. 

I would like to get some custom boots for myself (my short, wide legs will need custom). But I'm hoping to lose some more weight so they will be at least a year out. 

Same reasoning behind not wanting to buy any clothing. 

A kinda horse-related purchase that I might have to make will be a new computer. My laptop is getting slower and I don't know how well it will do with the video from the Pixio. Not to mention that half the time that I want to type an "o" I have to stand on it to get it to work. I think this time I will go with a desktop - I would just need the tower and would get more bang for my buck. Hopefully, I won't need it for a while though.

Otherwise, I want to save my money and make this next year a year of education. I want to try to get some regular lessons again. I might not manage weekly, but bi-weekly will be my goal.

Since there's not much on my list, I fully expect Santa to bring me everything. Got that, jolly man??


  1. I have often looked at those skirts. They are pricey but look like they work well.

    1. I only saw overwhelmingly positive reviews on them. When you think of it, the initial price is high, but if you used it for 5 years for even only 30 rides a year that's only $2 per ride. The reality is that I have to wear my winter gear for at least 6 months of the year (I generally start wearing long johns in Oct and can't give them up until sometime in April). Investment in good winter gear would get used as much, if not more, than summer gear, is worthwhile, as much as I don't want to admit it.

  2. I have friends who have the skirt and they LOVE it. It looks like a pretty practical way to keep warm and dry, as well as allow your horse to do the same.

    1. I'm really excited about a skirt, for in and out of the saddle.