Monday 7 October 2019

Officially Fall

I've had this queued up for a week but I haven't managed to get any pictures to go with it. Since I've been too busy to write anything else, here it is. It still applies - our weather just took another turn and there's a good chance I might wake up to snow on Tuesday morning!

Many people in North America are complaining that it's too hot and it doesn't feel like fall these days.

Boo-hoo for them. I'm sitting here after being out to the barn today wearing my long-johns, fleece breeches, my winter coat, and a touque. And still freezing.

We had a little bit of snow fall on Saturday - not enough to amount to anything, just enough to be able to say that it snowed. In the southern part of the province however, they had a huge dump. I know one region for sure has declared a snow day for school on Monday. In September.

The cold hit us on Friday. I know that it's not the crazy cold we'll get in a few months, but man, I cannot get warm. I don't know why but when it gets cold early in the fall my body just doesn't seem to be prepared for it.

Thus, when I went out to the barn on Friday, I couldn't make myself ride.

I bundled myself up in my warm clothes though to let the ponies go for a run. Phantom had a great time - she hadn't done anything all week so she had lots of energy to burn.

The owner of Cisco's little buddy, Blue, showed up just as I was heading out to grab Cisco. I asked if Blue could join Cisco for a playdate, and she said sure, and could her TB join them. The arena is plenty large, and none of the horses are assholes, so it was no big deal.

Cisco decided that Blue was his best friend, and he was not allowed to talk to Ocean (the TB). Cisco and Blue totally mean-girled Ocean, who just stood by us in the corner staring at them. It was pretty funny. And rather surprising to see Cisco be possessive.

They didn't play as much as they usually do (and by play I mean Cisco continuously bite Blue on the bum trying to egg him on) since Cisco had to make sure that Blue didn't talk to Ocean.  But they got lots of exercise moving around!

Then I went home and bundled myself up in bed under two duvets and a blanket and tried to warm up. Gotta love fall!

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