Thursday, 29 August 2019

She's Back!

I rode Phantom on Wednesday for the first time since her hock injections last week. She was feeling pretty good!

She was pretty forward at a trot right at the beginning - much better than the last couple of rides where she shuffled like a senior citizen pushing a walker. The right lead canter felt fantastic. The trickier left lead got better through the ride.

She's not fit, and she's not strong. I didn't do a ton with her - she was trying hard to do what I asked and kept her brain in her head (shockingly as she hadn't been ridden in a week and a half).
Chill poneh.
Phantom was still a bit stiffer laterally to the left than normal. This was something I've noticed creeping in over the last little bit. I think her left hind was bothering her more than her right. She wasn't her normal self to the left, but better than before getting her hocks done. And it got better through the ride.

We're taking a field trip on Thursday so I had to clean her up a bit. Her tail was yet again a disgusting yellow and brown instead of white. Her hind legs weren't much better. I shampoo'd her tail three times before it was deemed acceptable. I left her fly sheet off for the night - there shouldn't be too many mosquitos out when it's 6 degrees celsius (feels like 4). Winter is coming!

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