Monday 2 September 2019

Horses In the Mist

Fall is coming.

The leaves are already turning yellow, I've seen geese gathering, the horses are starting to fluff up, and I've turned the thermostat up for the mornings just in case the temperature drops overnight.

However, it's still raining. So when the temperature drops in the evening, we get fog.

On Friday evening, the fog starting coming in well before sunset. I had both horses in, so I decided to try to take advantage of it. I foisted my phone upon a friend and asked her to take some pics of me and my ponies in the fog.

It was a spur of the moment thing, so I wasn't dressed real fancy, my horses weren't groomed, we were using my cell phone instead of my dslr, and my friend is not a photographer. The photos weren't perfect - they are a bit too grainy to be able to enlarge them.

I just don't have many pictures of me with my horses. I have lots of pics that I've taken - but since I've taken them, I'm not in them. We have someone at the barn who does photoshoots, and I've thought about hiring her, but with two gray horses, getting ready for an evening shoot is an all-day job and I just don't have the desire.

I think this one is my favourite though it's a little eerie.

It kind of looks like we are all crossing over together. Should I ever get into a devastating car crash while hauling both of my horses, this is the picture to use.

I'm going to start throwing my good camera in the car for my evening trips out to the barn. Maybe I'll get lucky and get a second chance at these pictures. Maybe I'll throw some better boots and a jacket in too, just in case.

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