Monday, 19 August 2019

Lazy Monday (Last Week)

I managed to convince myself to head out to the barn on Monday night last week and get in a ride. I was super unmotivated though. The only reason that I put the effort into tacking up the horse was that I knew I wouldn't be able to get out to the barn again until Thursday and I really needed to get a ride in.

I would have been perfectly happy to just toodle around the yard for 20 minutes. However, the mosquitos are so bad in the evening that doing anything outside meant I would be full of itchy bumps for the next week. So we had to head into the indoor arena.

I got on Cisco and walked around on a loose rein. I was pretty sure that was going to be it for the night.

Then I thought I'd at least try a trot. But on a loose rein. I didn't want to actually work.

This was still a good lesson for Cisco. He had to be responsible for maintaining a regular pace, and if he got a bit quick he was expected to slow down from my body aids. He was responsible for maintaining the track I put him on, and going deep into corners with minimal input from me.
We also popped over this tiny thing like it was no big deal. I mean, it's so tiny it isn't a big deal, but in the past it has been.  
A huge hole showed up though. The whole bulging through the right shoulder at a trot thing that I've been working on and I thought had gotten much better? Yeah no. With no rein contact, going to the right he totally turned his head to the left and fell to the inside of the track. Apparently having a connection masks it. I'm wondering if it might have something to do with my saddle not being balanced, I'll have to have a look at it.


  1. Mosquitoes aren't the only assholes. The horse/deer flies are driving us batty!
    It could be that he's still dependent on the rein to stay straight. that's not a failure, he's still developing. It could be the saddle or it could be habit. you could practice by letting go of the contact a little to see if he carries himself. Think of it like the squeeze of the legs. We don't squeeze every stride, just when they need a reminder.

    1. Thankfully we don't really get the horse or deer flies.
      The bulging right is kind of a funny thing in that when he's loose he only wants to go right. When he's tense he does not want to soften through his ribcage on the right, so that's probably related.

  2. It's great you have access to an indoor for unmotivated days like that!

    1. We have winter for far too much of the year - an indoor is pretty much a requirement if you want to ride more than 4 months of the year. I know someone who put in a large indoor with wonderful footing, but no outdoor ring. When asked why she said it was because we get to ride outside so little through the year, why put the money into an outdoor? Really, it makes sense!