Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Tried Out the New Saddle

Remember how I said it was supposed to be warming up this week?
The bottom of the screen was supposed to be this past Sunday.
Yeah, that's not happening.
The top was what Sunday ended up being. Just a wee bit different.

I mean, it's slightly warmer during the day (before the wind chill is added). But those nights are still pretty chilly.

The one day in the two week forecast that is supposed to be super nice is Tuesday. So last minute I decided to use up a couple more lieu days and take Monday and Tuesday off (added to my normal Sunday and Wednesday) and enjoy the "nice" weather. 

It took a while on Monday afternoon to get as warm as it was going to get. Which still didn't feel all that warm. But I was determined to get in a ride on my new saddle. 
Phantom's hoping for cookies. There were none. 
Cisco got the trial run. I lunged him first since he hasn't been ridden in two weeks (I think). He wore his new/used Prolite girth, which he seemingly had no complaints about. He was pretty good for the short time I was on him - short because my short stirrup leathers were still too long. And they could only go one hole shorter.

I'm going to have to take them in and see if I can get them shortened. 

I tacked Phantom up for another short ride, the first since she tied up back in January. I was just planning on a mainly walk ride, with a little bit of trot thrown in to see how her body reacted. She also got to wear a new belt - a Total Saddle Fit Stretchtec girth. No comments from her on the first ride, I'll have to give her a few rides to let her decide if she likes it.
That's me - bundled up, but still cold.
I tried to swap out the treads on the new stirrup irons to the wedge ones I like before riding, but they don't fit easily. I'll have to take my Dremel tool to them and customize them somewhat. So when I rode, I just had the standard flat treads in the stirrups. And man, were my knees sore after riding! Not a usual problem for me. 

Other than the stirrup length, the saddle felt fine. It felt just like my old one did, which was what I wanted. Once I get the stirrups sorted out, it should be all good.

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  1. The weather really swung this week. Glad the saddle seems to be what you want!