Monday, 19 February 2018

To Register or Not To Register?

I've kind of casually looked into registering Cisco with the International Andalusian & Lusitano Horse Association. He can be registered as a Half Andalusian. It's the kind of thing that I've looked at, priced out, tried to figure out if it would be worth it, and decided it wasn't. And then this weekend I saw a Facebook posting that for the next four months they are having a reduced price on registrations. So if I really want to do it, now is the time.

He was bred by a friend of mine, so I know I can get her to sign off on the papers. The stallion owner is somewhat local and still active, so I don't anticipate any issues there.

I believe it would cost me $160 US (membership for me, registration fee, DNA kit fee).

But why do I want it?

Will I ever show him in anything to get points? No idea. There is a big Andalusian show every year about 2 hours away, so I could go if I so desired. His balls were knocked off many years ago, so there's no chance of any little Cisco's ever needing to be registered.

I think it's because in my mind Andalusians are still not an overly common breed, so it's a bit of proof. You know, of his majikal unicorn pony bloodlines.
Because he is 25% real unicorn.

I've got a couple of months to decide before I would need to get my butt in gear and get the paperwork submitted.

The other thing I would need to decide before sending the registration in is a name. As in a proper show name type of name.

Cisco is a bit too simple. Great for an everyday name, but for showing I would want something fancier. And I would like to incorporate Cisco into it. And maybe keep it Spanish.

Unfortunately, my Spanish sucks. Like, I can mostly count to 10 and that's about it.

So I have asked Google for suggestions. So far the winner is Meter Cisco - which means to make trouble. It seems fitting.
That is supposed to be a hood. On his neck.

Note the innocent face. 

If anybody has any other suggestions, I would love to hear them!


  1. I like the name that you picked.

    1. Thanks. I just have to remember how to pronounce it! ( Maitair or Maiter, with rolled r's?)

  2. Sounds like a good name for him. Trouble that is.

  3. lol trouble maker. seems fitting!

  4. I like the name you chose too :)

  5. I swear I'm not trying to be a jerk... I've been studying Spanish the last 6 months or so,
    Just to be certain (before opening my big mouth) I put' Meter Cisco' into a Spanish to English translator - it says that 'Meter Cisco' translates to 'Put Cisco'.
    'Trouble' translates to 'problema'; 'Troublemaker' translates as 'alborotador'.
    I could not find Cisco translated other than in reference to a particular type of coal or mining coal.
    If you haven't already decided, may I suggest 'Alborotador Cisco' as an alternative? Jmo, but I think that 'Alborotador Cisco' has a very pretty Spanish ring to it.
    p.s. I'm originally an Alberta girl (family still there); I hope you'll drop by 4ShoesLife. Would you like to exchange blogroll links?

    1. I did find on several translation sites that "meter cisco" means "to kick up a row" or "make trouble" (click on the link where I put the name above). I have a feeling it might literally translate to "put Cisco", but used as an expression has a different meaning.