Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Nothing Exciting

I've done great with getting some miles in the saddle over the last week. I've ridden 6 out of 7 days, and should be good to get rides in today, making it 7 out of 8. I don't know the last time that I rode that consistently. The main reason is that the weather has been nicer - around 0 C during the days. Evenings cool off pretty fast, so although I have had plans to ride both horses on a couple of evenings, I'm so cold after the first horse that I have no desire to ride again. So Cisco has had 4 rides, and Phantom 3.

The rides haven't been at all exciting.

I was hoping to get some more canter in on Cisco over the weekend. But there was always a bunch of stuff going on that he wasn't quite as settled as I would have liked.

Sometime on Saturday, the motorized overhead door into the arena died, in a half open position. So it was really cold in the arena when I rode that evening. And when someone arrived and attempted to bring their horse over to the arena, the noises were rather distracting to Cisco. No major hijinks on his part, he just wasn't very settled. That was also the night that we were having some issues staying straight.

When I arrived to ride on Sunday, there were lessons on the go with people who had hauled in. I decided to ride Phantom first figuring that by the time I was then ready to ride Cisco the lessons would be done. But nope - as I was bringing him in another trailer arrived. This one had a couple of kids riding in an evaluation lesson. I rode during their lesson, but again, not a time to try a canter that probably can't be steered.

Cisco's not really bad through all of this, just distracted. He just wants to make friends with all the new horses that he hasn't met yet. The worst things he does are trot quicker, and bulge towards the other horses through the turns. Pretty minor and will go away with some miles.

The video clips are typical as to how the rides are going. Nothing exciting - no breakthroughs, no really bad moments. Just a green horse who needs some consistent miles.


  1. Good job with your riding.

  2. gotta love just layin down those miles tho!

    1. There is nothing wrong with unexciting rides on green horses.